Each radiator and all accessories are packed with an emphasis on safety, so you don’t have to worry that your radiator will be delivered damaged.

  • Along with each radiator, which has been carefully checked, we add installation instructions.
  • Heaters are packed either into smooth or into bubble-wrap plastic film.
  • To prevent damage of the edges of  radiators, we put protective plastic covers on them.
  • Afterwards, the heater is packed into various reinforced plastics and foils, alternatively,  polystyrene is added where needed.
  • After that we put the radiator in the box, and on the box we stick an envelope with the delivery note, invoice, and installation instructions. When customer also orders accessories, we add include them with the radiator.
  • Then the box with the radiator and accessories goes “through the packing machine”, which seals it in a plastic wrapping film.
  • The goods are delivered on a palette.