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  • CHECK AQUA Radiators on YOUTUBE
  • Column radiator connected to central heating system
  • Can be configured as a low horizontal or as a tall vertical model
  • Huge range of dimensions + custom dimensions available
  • Ideal radiators in case that you need to replace old cast iron radiators
  • Many types of connections (if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us)
  • Available in 49 standard colours or in any custom RAL / NCS colour
  • 5 year warranty

Select your colour from HOTHOT colour chart (it opens in a new window)


Sizes and heat output

  • Very subtle 2 column tubular steel radiator
  • Can be configured as a low horizontal or as a tall vertical model, overall height from 300 up to 2500 mm
  • Depth only 66 mm
  • Placement: wall or floor mounted versions are always delivered with the corresponding brackets and feets
  • Material: Steel
  • ø Connection threads: Internal G1/2", Special order: G3/4", G1"
  • Test pressure: 1,3 MPa ( 13 bar)
  • Max. working pressure: 1,0 MPa ( 10 bar)
  • Max. working temperature: 95 °C

AQUA II: radiators can also be ordered in the following dimensions:

300x490x101 mm, 231 W
300x1042x101 mm, 508 W
300x1870x101 mm, 924 W
400x490x101 mm, 301 W
400x1042x101 mm, 663 W
400x1870x101 mm, 1204 W
500x490x101 mm, 371 W
500x1042x101 mm, 817 W
500x1870x101 mm, 1484 W
600x490x101 mm, 440 W
600x1042x101 mm, 968 W
600x1502x101 mm, 1408 W
600x1870x101 mm, 1760 W
750x1042x101 mm, 1197 W
750x1502x101 mm, 1741 W
750x1870x101 mm, 2176 W
900x306x101 mm, 389 W
900x1502x101 mm, 2074 W
900x1870x101 mm, 2592 W
1000x306x101 mm, 431 W
1000x490x101 mm, 717 W
1000x1042x101 mm, 1577 W
1000x1502x101 mm, 2294 W
1000x1870x101 mm, 2868 W
1500x306x101 mm, 643 W
1500x490x101 mm, 1071 W
1800x306x101 mm, 774 W
1800x490x101 mm, 1290 W
1800x674x101 mm, 1806  W
1800x1042x101 mm, 2838 W
2000x306x101 mm, 864 W
2000x490x101 mm, 1440 W
2500x306x101 mm, 1097 W
2500x490x101 mm, 1827 W

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