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CORAL, Electric heating

  • Electric Towel radiator suitable into every bathroom
  • Classic towel rail in electric version
  • HOTHOT Radiators are made in the Czech Republic for you
  • Our goal is an affordable bespoke radiator
  • We use quality materials and colours
  • All radiators are supplied with clear instructions
  • Wall mounted towel rail
  • Radiators always delivered with the corresponding brackets
  • 49 colours at no extra charge
  • All the colours of RAL and NCS colour systems avaliable

Select your colour from HOTHOT colour chart (it opens in a new window)


Sizes and heat output 
Electric rod

  • Material: Steel
  • Bespoke radiators - heights: 615-1975 mm ( +40mm )
  • Bespoke radiators - widths: 300-1000 ( +10 mm)
  • ø Connection threads: 4xG1/2"
  • Test pressure: 1,3 MPa
  • Max. working pressure: 1,0 MPa
  • Max. service temperature: 110 °C

CORAL bespoke radiator sizes:

695x450x90 mm, 298 W
695x500x90 mm, 327 W
695x600x90 mm, 384 W
695x750x90 mm, 462 W
935x450x90 mm, 391 W
935x500x90 mm, 429 W
935x600x90 mm, 504 W
935x750x90 mm, 612 W
1135x450x90 mm, 467 W
1135x500x90 mm, 512 W
1135x600x90 mm, 602 W
1135x750x90 mm, 742 W
1335x450x90 mm, 576 W
1335x500x90 mm, 630 W
1335x600x90 mm, 737 W
1335x750x90 mm, 897 W
1535x450x90 mm, 632 W
1535x500x90 mm, 693 W
1535x600x90 mm, 815 W
1535x750x90 mm,  991 W
1775x450x90 mm, 739 W
1775x500x90 mm, 810 W
1775x600x90 mm, 952 W
1775x750x90 mm, 1170 W

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